The best content calendar template

What defines the best content calendar template?  The important point is that people need quick fixes, so to contemplate a top 10 or read the pros and cons of each in great detail …’s too short and you’re making business life too long.

For this reason, I’m going to recommend just two of what I think are the best content calendar templates in 2019.  Yes, there will be others but I’ve used these two and they have met my clients’ needs.  One is a cloud based content calendar requiring a login (not every client wants or needs another login to think about) and the other uses Google Sheets, which is pretty universal and most clients have a Google account.  You can also find Word templates online but they feel a bit shabby in comparison.

# Google Sheets

Google docs calendar template was picked from a recommendation from Search Engine Land.  As long as you read the instructions on tab 1, which are very clear and easy, you can set out your content calendar and have it online to share or you can print it off for meetings or convert it to an Excel doc.

If you do have some time on your hands, the article containing their calendar is a good one to read – but it’s very New Year orientated – so best try it for 2020.

# Airtable cloud content calendar 

This is cloud based but you can download and print too.  It’s called Airtable and is one I stumbled across myself although it is used by some big name companies.  If you sign up (free, and you get a lot for free), head to ‘templates’ where a ‘content calendar’ sits amongst other enticing templates for you to play with.  However, this defeats the object, we’re looking at best content calendar templates to save time.  You can view in Grid or Kanban format and is a great tool with minimal learning time; in fact, it’s pretty intuitive.

Planning your content in a content calendar is an important part of a content strategy; it is certainly the most productive part as it’s part of implementation.  Read more on how to start (and finish) a content marketing strategy or the skinny version – how to start content marketing (today).

And if you really really want to put lots of research into this – head over to the Content Marketing Institute.