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As a well established small team of independent marketing and creative professionals, we're well placed to help you drive your business forward in the most cost-efficient way. We combine current marketing thought and professional best practices with long experience and the ability to free-think. We take pride in being efficient with our time, and offering sound, professional advice.

Strategy, branding, ad concepts or digital marketing solutions, Finkk Marketing has been in business for 20 years offering an all-round marketing perspective and a network to tap into almost every specialist marketing skill.


Digital Marketing

We provide digital marketing strategies, which can be as simple or extensive as the channels to market or nature of business dictates. Just some of the techniques we use are below; we cover SEO & content marketing separately, as they're intrinsically linked.

Pay Per Click or SEM

This is a faster route to generating instant traffic, with the added benefit of learning about what keyphrases work for you in practice (to use in your SEO strategy). Before committing to the additional media spend with Google or Bing and to get the very best out of the campaign we'd need to consider what you want your visitor to see once they click on your ad, what do you want them to do once on the website? Are you confident that you can satisfy or deliver what they’re looking for to get the conversion (the sale, the download, the phone call) you seek?

Social Media Marketing

If organic traffic driven by content marketing is not fast enough or delivering in large enough volumes, then paying for extra reach could be the answer. This can be from simple ad or post sponsorship to a much more comprehensive and highly targeted campaign through, typically, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Digital Integration

We can run digital marketing campaigns for companies without any integration of technology - email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimisation can all work independently with a more manual system of tracking success and results. Or we can integrate any form of digital marketing with CRM systems in order to get a more joined-up reporting and measurement system in place. There are many ways of doing things and it largely depends on what suits the company and your goals and aspirations. The important point is to have a process, whether partially automated and integrated or more manual.

As consumers, we're too busy to pay attention to advertising
but we're desperate to find good stuff that solves our problems
Seth Godin

Herein lies the marketing challenge - Finkk

Content Marketing

Content Marketing can be broken down into a 4-phase process:

Content Strategy

Objectives, expectations, what to measure, how to measure, definition of customer groups, customer buying stages

Content Generation

Personas work/research, keyphrase research, generate content ideas in different formats, audit existing material

Content Distribution

Week by week, day by day operational plan, what social or other platforms to use, detailed calendar up to a year ahead

Metrics & Measurement

Measurement as defined in the strategy, set up practical and useful reporting metrics

Component parts of Content Marketing:


Content marketing is intrinsically tied to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Putting it simply, SEO falls into 2 camps; that which you can take responsibility for through your content marketing, and the tech side. If you can action any issues appearing in your Google Console (free to all businesses), then you've fundamentally got SEO covered. SEO has a tech side and a content side; you need both.


Social media marketing is an integral part of content marketing so if you're already using social media, then you're content marketing; you're telling your company story to the world (or your segments).

Email marketing

EMAIL MARKETING is part of content marketing; it's a vehicle to carry content to the customer/prospect, as is social media.


Content marketing comes with a warning; it does take a lot of time so being structured and aligning its purpose alongside your business goals means that any subsequent metrics have a context. Work the flow from the top.

Business goals> content goals> metrics> generate content> measure> conclude in alignment with business goals.

It's useful to view content as a company asset. Create content that has substance. Social posts spin-off the bigger content projects which get close to company goals; for example, adjusting marketplace positioning, changing perceptions (how you want people to think/feel goals). Get this right and you'll generate more leads. Envisage further down the funnel and content will be used to convert interested parties into action (the actual sale/admission/member).

Read more about the different facets of content marketing or call us to discuss how we can make content work for you and at what level:



I started the business in the early 2000’s as the traditional advertising agency model started to creak and become ungainly and inefficient; still living the dream but with too many overheads to truly deliver a personal service or be agile enough to keep up with the birth of digital.  Everything needed streamlining – out with the leather sofa reception and in with minimalism – a desk, a PC and maybe a plant. I joined forces with similar minded colleagues in the fields of creative design and web development. This was our streamlined team, offering an early low overhead network model where clients only pay for the bespoke service they get, not the overheads.

As marketers we have a view on this as we could easily perpetuate the problem, creating demand for ethically unsound or environmentally unfriendly products.   We enjoy the businesses that our clients are in and each one is passionate about what they do and the footprint they leave; we’re all in it for the long-haul, not short term gain. From quality beer to niche B&B’s to education providers to b2b service companies and industrial companies manufacturing great stuff; our clients have substance and from a marketer’s perspective, you can do a lot with that.

Dawn Brown MCIM, Chartered Marketer

Take advantage of a very experienced team, who continue to help businesses overcome typical marketing issues by emailing Or hop over to the creative division to take a look at the latest creative work.



““Dawn utilises her skills and marketing knowledge to best advantage in a complex technology-driven business. She applies strategic tools and different ways of thinking to help us prioritise our efforts across our diverse markets within the UK.” ”

P Ho, GM/Dir Fischer Instrumentation

“I have recommended you guys as not only producing excellent work but also being mindful of costs, keen to develop new client relationshis and highly responsive"”

P Dyer, Founder Influence Inc/Deputy CRO FCA

“"I have used Dawn on several projects and she is a creative and flexible supplier with good ideas for a wide variety of what we consider to be quite technical products. Often we give her very basic briefs but she always comes up with plenty of innovative and interesting concepts"”

P Bond, Sales& Mkting Director, EHE Consumables

““I wanted to explore optimisation of my website, and although I knew the term, I wasn’t sure what that meant. Also, I was concerned about time as I never seem to have enough. From the first conversation, Dawn was clear with her explanations and all communication was fully explained. I was able to continue the work necessary, knowing exactly why I was doing something and what difference it would make, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dawn and Finkk Marketing.””

Principle Osteopath, New Surgery

““We have worked with Finkk Marketing for five years and they have been instrumental in the success of our short and long-term marketing campaigns. Dawn and her team continue to astound us with their creativity and their wonderful ability to understand our school and what we want to try and achieve. Very simply, our school’s continued growth could not have happened without them and to top it all off, they are thoroughly professional and personable people to work with”.”

R Milner-Smith, Headmaster, Moyles Court School



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